Our new service is here to help you work through a specific issue quickly.

What it is

One-session therapy Is a new service to help you work through a specific issue quickly with one of our counsellors.

You can come alone or attend with a friend, family member, or your partner so that you can work together on an issue with your counsellor.

How it helps

It’s perfect for those who want help with a particular issue but don’t think the issue needs to be addressed over a course of counselling.

You might have a single big problem or you might be struggling to communicate on one issue. One-session therapy provides you with the tools you need to make sense of things and practical steps to move you forward or take action.

What to expect

It lasts one hour and is available on Zoom or face-to-face from one or two locations. We will send you a questionnaire before the session to help you identify the issue you want help with.

Contact us today

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Our core services

Relationship counselling

Help for couples and individuals who are worried about their relationship.

Individual counselling

Help for people who have concerns about their wellbeing.

Young people counselling

Help for children and young people whose worries are affecting their wellbeing.

Family counselling

Help for families when problems are affecting family relationships.

Sex therapy

Help for couple and individuals to achieve happy and satisfying sex lives.

Mediation for separation

Help for separating and divorced couples to reach a pre-court agreement on the practical matters.

New – One Session Therapy

Our new service is here to help you work through a specific issue quickly.

New – Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Support for individuals or couples who are experiencing the consequences of compulsive sexual behaviours.