80% of our clients feel a positive effect

It really depends what you want to get out of Relate counselling, but it’s rare that people leave us without feeling a positive change. In fact, when we analysed the outcomes for over 14,000 clients across the UK, 80% said that we had had a positive effect in helping them maintain or strengthen their relationship.

Even so, some relationships cannot be saved. In those cases, we do our best to help you to part amicably. This is particularly important if you have children.

A couple stood together while one rests their head on the others shoulder

What some of our clients had to say about counselling at Relate West Surrey:

“I thought she was fantastically good at getting someone to change their behaviour”

Rob, Family Councelling
“She was very good at giving us the tools to take away and work with”
Jane, Family Counselling
“It was too late for us, but we’ve stayed friends and I don’t think that would have happened without Relate”
Andy, Relationship Counselling

Providing help when it is needed most

Our counsellors provide a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship. Watch the video below, which shows how our relationship counselling service can help you.

Our core services

Relationship counselling

Help for couples and individuals who are worried about their relationship.

Individual counselling

Help for people who have concerns about their wellbeing.

Young people counselling

Help for children and young people whose worries are affecting their wellbeing.

Family counselling

Help for families when problems are affecting family relationships.

Sex therapy

Help for couple and individuals to achieve happy and satisfying sex lives.

Mediation for separation

Help for separating and divorced couples to reach a pre-court agreement on the practical matters.