Family life is fulfilling but can also be complicated. We offer help for families when problems are affecting family relationships

Family life is fulfilling but can also be complicated. We know that things like separation, kids getting into trouble, blended families, new babies and money troubles can affect the whole family. Relate Family Counselling offers a flexible approach to sorting out problems. Everyone has family arguments at some time. Usually these just blow over, but sometimes they just get worse. This is when a Relate Family Counsellor can help you work things out in a way that’s best for everyone.

What it is

Family counselling is for families facing change, such as separation, divorce, a blended family, money troubles, or children getting into trouble. It is a counselling approach which gives each family member an opportunity to voice their concerns or worries and to be heard in a non-judgmental, non-threatening space. Families can be helped to move forward to agree common goals and to develop strategies for ensuring the wellbeing of each family member.

A family playing together in the kitchen while the mum is holding the son

How it helps

We see families as a group for a first appointment to establish what the difficulties are and if we can help. Then we will see family members either individually and/or in smaller groups, to find out how each member relates to the rest of the family. By establishing each individual’s agenda and feelings, we can make sure everyone’s voice is heard and their feelings are acknowledged. Family counselling will help to build stronger family relationships.

What to expect

After seeing the whole family for an initial appointment, to find out if we can help, we can then schedule regular weekly appointments for up to an hour with each family member and/or small group of family members. Family counselling is available either online or in person.

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Family counselling – the counsellor’s voice

Whilst working with the families, the work has included exploring strategies with parents to minimise the damage that can be done.

Part of my work has included helping the families to understand why children may be misbehaving and what to expect of their children’s behaviour: e.g. children wish to terminate contact with a parent if conflict persists. They love both parents but find it difficult to tolerate one ‘blaming’ the other.

My experience has been that the counselling has:

  • Enabled individuals to have space to voice fears and anxieties.
  • Children have been able to disclose their dream that their parents will get back together again. And come to terms with reality.
  • Families have been able to share their upset that when parents separate often whole families separate too.

The Relate Family Counselling service has enabled clients of all ages’ space to explore thoughts, emotions and strategies to manage change.

Please note names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.

Our core services

Relationship counselling

Help for couples and individuals who are worried about their relationship.

Individual counselling

Help for people who have concerns about their wellbeing.

Young people counselling

Help for children and young people whose worries are affecting their wellbeing.

Family counselling

Help for families when problems are affecting family relationships.

Sex therapy

Help for couple and individuals to achieve happy and satisfying sex lives.

Mediation for separation

Help for separating and divorced couples to reach a pre-court agreement on the practical matters.

New – Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Support for individuals or couples who are experiencing the consequences of compulsive sexual behaviours.