Our services include relationship counselling, family counselling, mediation, children’s counselling, young people’s counselling and sex therapy. We’re here to help you make the most of your couple and family relationships, past, present or future.

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Relationship Counselling

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your own, married, living together, LGBTQI+, non-monogamous or anything in between – we’re here to help you strengthen your relationships.

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Individual Counselling

Counselling for individuals is available either online or in person to help individuals with issues including low mood, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, or with loss or grief.

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Young People Counselling

iRelate is Relate West Surrey’s service that offers confidential counselling for children and young people aged 10-18. For a teen, life can be difficult and hard to manage: feel sad, scared, hopeless or angry? You are not alone and it is okay to ask for help and support.

A mum and dad lying on the floor with their child, playing together and laughing

Family Councelling

Family life is fulfilling but can also be complicated. We know that things like separation, kids getting into trouble, blended families, new babies and money troubles can affect the whole family. Relate Family Counselling offers a flexible approach to sorting out problems.

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Sex Therapy

Sexual problems can have a big effect on even the strongest of relationships. It’s often hard to face up to difficulties and seek help.

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Mediation for Separation or Divorce

If you are separating or divorcing, or are a parent but have never had such a formal relationship, Family Mediation helps you sort out conflicts and the details of your separation