Relate West Surrey is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, which operates within seven local boroughs. It is also part of the Relate National Federation. Its charitable objectives are as follows:

To educate the public concerning the benefits of secure couple relationships, marriage and family life in order to improve the emotional, sexual and spiritual wellbeing of individuals which is derived from committed relationships.

To seek to enhance the good health, both mental and physical, of adults, children and young people by increasing public awareness of the benefit of committed couple relationships, marriage, and family life; and working to prevent poverty, hardship and distress caused by the breakdown of such relationships.

To provide counselling, advice, education, guidance and relief to adults and/or children in relation to any aspect of contemporary life or work which may prejudice their physical and mental wellbeing or influence, either directly or indirectly, their present or future family or couple relationships.

  • To relieve those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.
  • To promote research into all of the above objectives and make the results available to the public.

Couple relationship breakdown is a common feature of today’s society. It has damaging consequences both for the affected adults and their children. Relate West Surrey performs a front-line role in seeking to prevent this. Our counselling not only helps our immediate clients, it also benefits the wider community in many ways, for example:

  • Reducing working time lost by stress and mental health issues
  • Discouraging domestic violence
  • Helping to prevent or stop drug and alcohol abuse
  • Preventing or stopping child abuse
  • Improving the attendance and performance of children at school
  • Stopping disruptive and anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing levels of teenage pregnancy

This, in turn, reduces pressure on agencies such as the Police, NHS and Social Services, including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Our Team

Chief Executive: Jill Rawling
Senior Office Manager: Kerry Wilson

Office Managers: Claire Gilbert
Office Managers: Sara Bridgwood
Book Keeper:
Hazel Uden

PCC, Family Mediator: Sheila Parkes
PST Supervisor: Sharon Reynolds
Supervisor: Helen Dicketts
Supervisor: Sue Armstrong
Supervisor: Christina Powell

Appointment Secretary: Karen Deane
Appointment Secretary: Patricia Pritchard
Appointment Secretary: Liz Franzmann
Appointment Secretary: Victoria Morley


Chair of Trustees: Gurpreet Dehal
Company Secretary: Rosie Mackimmie
Deputy Chair/Treasurer: Gary Couch
Trustee: Simon Collins
Trustee: Jeeps Rekhi
Trustee: Alison Maclennan
Trustee: Amy Stephens
Trustee: Alastair Evans-Gordon
Trustee: Kapil Bakshi

Head office

  • Relate West Surrey, Moorcroft Centre for the Community, Old School Place, Westfield, Woking, Surrey, GU22 5PB

  • 01483 602998


Company details

Relate West Surrey is a company limited by guarantee (registered in England under company number 3909277) and a registered charity (number 1079270)