Help for people who have concerns about their wellbeing, covering both relational and non-relational problems.

Relate West Surrey now provides counselling to adult individuals, covering both relational and non-relational problems. Individual counselling meets a range of emotional and psychological needs.

What it is

Counselling for individuals is available either online or in person to help individuals with issues including low mood, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, or with loss or grief

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How it helps

We can help individuals get through difficult times in their lives, such as bereavement, retirement, redundancy, or moving on after a major life change. We can help develop resilience and coping strategies, identifying and sustaining supportive relationships for example. This can lead to improved wellbeing and self-care.

What to expect

We see individuals for an initial appointment lasting up to 60 minutes to find out if we can help. We will then schedule a convenient regular weekly appointment to see a counsellor.

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Individual counselling testimonial

“By exploring my background and issues around health when I was a child, I was able to see how my anxiety came about. Talking to a counsellor has helped me to see things in a different light instead of my tunnel vision, which has helped me to deal with issues and problems in the here and now. My confidence has grown and I have become more assertive instead of anxious and panicky”

Please note names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.

A woman sat on a sofa looking to the side looking slightly sad

Our core services

Relationship counselling

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Help for couples and individuals who are worried about their relationship.

Individual counselling

Help for people who have concerns about their wellbeing.

Young people counselling

Help for children and young people whose worries are affecting their wellbeing.

Family counselling

Help for families when problems are affecting family relationships.

Sex therapy

Help for couple and individuals to achieve happy and satisfying sex lives.

Mediation for separation

Help for separating and divorced couples to reach a pre-court agreement on the practical matters.