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If you are feeling that the woman in your life is a complete mystery, what she’s feeling, what she expects, what she wants and needs–we think you will find guidance and advice for men on these pages. A woman’s brain is wired a bit differently in some ways, and so sometimes you have to “translate” your own perceptions in order to be on the same page as she is.

Here is relationship advice for men :

A skill you can immediately add to your toolbox is to learn to put your full attention on her when you are engaged in an important communication, even putting your full attention on her for five minutes! Many women feel that the men in their life aren’t really listening, or really “getting” what she is saying.

Look at her when she is speaking; Many women feel better with direct eye contact. Some women even like gentle, non-sexual contact, such as touching her hand when you are communicating. Keep your ears open to what she is actually saying, and if you aren’t sure, ask neutral and interested clarifying questions such as “Are you saying you feel…or need…or would like…?”

She will love it when she feels you really want to understand her deeper feelings. She may not always have an answer in the moment, but what matters is that she sense that you care about her feelings. This is a primary desire many women have, and when they get that need satisfied, they are hooked! They are much more willing to attend to your needs once hers are being honoured.

If she is not sure what she is feeling, she will often be happy to clarify even if you are generally in the ballpark, so don’t worry about having nailed the exact feeling she is experiencing. Most women like to tell you what they are feeling, if they feel safe enough and sense that you genuinely wish to know.

In summary, what women want in men is not as complicated as it may seem when you don’t have a road map. Follow the advice in this section and you will have a much better understanding of what women want in men.

  1. They want to be heard, acknowledged, respected and loved. They just don’t always know how to go about getting what they want. If you just keep that in mind, no matter how bizarre her behaviour may seem, you will be able to steer the “ship” of your relationship right back on course!
  2. Remember, the reason she is behaving in the way she is, is because she has some emotional need that she fears will not be met. Just helping her to name that need is half the battle. The rest is just coming to an agreement about how best to meet that need.

By: Genie Joseph/Jon Terrell

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