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The Facts

  • If you’re 10 or over you have a right to have your views heard in matters which affect you and your future. You will be asked if you’d like to see a mediator. Both of your parents have to agree to this to
  • FMC Registered Mediators who see children are used to talking with young people whose families are going through separation and often stressful changes.
  • Lots of children and young people have found it really helpful to talk things over with a family mediator…it also helps their parents listen to what’s important for their children when hearing it from an independent mediator.
  • The meeting will be friendly and informal.
  • The meetings usually take place by video online or in the mediator‘s office .
  • Your parents won’t be at the meeting (though they might bring you to meet the mediator at the mediator’s office if meeting in person).
  • If you have brothers or sisters, they might attend too, though the mediator will usually see each of you and your brothers or sisters on your own for a while.
  • The meeting can last up to an hour but this is flexible and can be shorter as you like. Sometimes there’s a follow up meeting to see how things are working out.
  • The mediator may have some ideas which will support you through the changes too.

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